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God is My Beauty – Limited Edition – 15″ x 20″



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God is My Beauty – Limited Edition – 15″ x 20″

God is My Beauty – Limited Edition – 15″ x 20″


Limited Edition Fine Art Print on Fine Art Paper

Check the box below if you want Missy’s team to contact you about other custom frame options.

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As both a full-sensory Psychic Medium and an Artist, Missy Reno Smith is in a unique position that allows her to show the world what God’s incredible Angels actually look like. In God is My Beauty, (2021), Missy has captured Archangel Jophiel who represents both inner and outer beauty.

These museum quality, hand-signed and numbered Limited Edition Reproduction Prints are available in three sizes for this title.

  • 12″ x 16″ – Limited to 250 Prints + 25 Artist Proofs
  • 15″ x 20″ – Limited to 150 Prints + 15 Artist Proofs
  • 18″ x 24″ – Limited to 100 Prints + 10 Artist Proofs

Only the finest materials are used to create these fully-archival giclée reproduction prints. With proper care, your print will last well over 150 years without fading. Each Limited Edition Print includes a Certificate of Authenticity printed on paper with multiple security features. A pair of security holograms with matching serial numbers are affixed to the Certificate and the verso side of the fine art print.

See the Details tab for the Limited Edition Stats.

Custom Frame Options:

Hudson Frame (Black or Warm Silver) – Acid Free Mat (Devonshire Cream) – Tru Vue Conservation Clear Acrylic Glazing

See the Framing tab for more information about Missy’s custom frame options.

Embellishment Options:

Embellishments are not offered as an add-on option in this size and substrate. This option is available only for the title’s 18″ x 24″ canvas reproductions.

See Embellishments tab for more information.

Pre-Order Info:

Order before the edition’s official release date to receive a discount on your print. See Details tab for this edition’s official release date. Please remember that prints do not begin shipping until 4-6 weeks after this date.

See Pre-Orders tab for more information.

Shipping Info:

Most collectors receive their prints 4-6 after they submit their order or 4-6 weeks after the edition’s official release date if the print is Pre-Ordered. See the Details tab for the release date. Framing will lengthen the shipping time estimate by around 10-14 days.

See Shipping tab for more information.

Copyright Info:

Missy Reno Smith, the artist, retains the sole copyright of the artwork. Any unauthorized reproduction or other use without Missy’s written permission is in violation of both U.S. and International Copyright Law. The artist reserves the right to use the artwork on items such as, but not limited to, reproductions in other sizes and substrates, home décor grade prints (non-archival), collectibles, traditional & digital stationery items, and more.

See Copyright Statement for more information.

Watermark Info:

All display images on this website are watermarked, Missy’s logo does not appear on the print.




ID Number




Release Date

January 1st, 2023




Sheet Size

19" x 24"


150 Prints

Artist Proofs

15 Proofs


Hand-Signed, Numbered, Certificate of Authenticity, Security Holograms

Embellishment Options

Frame Options

Unframed, Hudson, Black, Hudson, Warm Silver

Archival Mat

Devonshire Cream


Tru Vue Conservation Clear

Frame Size

25" x 30" x 1.13"


Missy offers a Pre-Order option for most new Limited Edition releases. During this event, which typically lasts 30qaaaaaaa days, you will be able to purchase a print for a special introductory price. We save on printing costs when submitting a large initial print order and Missy is simply passing that savings onto you. Once the Pre-Order period ends, the fee is set to the regular price and it will never be lowered again.

Release Date & Shipping Date Expectations

Please make note of the Release Date when ordering a Limited Edition during a Pre-Order event. Pre-Ordered prints do not start shipping until 4-6 weeks after this date. When a Pre-Order event period ends, we submit an order for the first batch of prints (or all of the prints if the edition sold out). Once we receive that order several weeks later, Missy must then inspect, sign, and number each and every print and issue the Certificates of Authenticity.

Several other factors will determine exactly when your print ships. First, orders are shipped in the order they were received. If you ordered a framed or embellished print, this will typically add 7-14 days to the wait. The number of orders we are processing will also have an effect on the shipping date (we may be processing orders for an entire collection of new releases or just one new release). Finally, any printing and shipping delays that are out of our control can also delay shipment.

We do appreciate your patience. We believe you will find that the wait has been worth it when you receive your print and see the quality and attention to detail.

Future Releases

Be sure to sign up for Missy’s Mailing List or Register for an account to receive advance notice of all upcoming new releases. With advance notice, you will never miss an opportunity to Pre-Order new Reproduction Prints.


For an added fee, Missy will frame your fine art reproduction print or original painting. Missy’s frames are 50-80% less than what you would pay at your local framer or even at the frame counter in your local arts and crafts store. This is because she gets her frames at wholesale and passes the savings onto her collectors.

Missy’s custom frame packages are made from only the finest materials to protect your investment.

Frames- Traditional frames, canvas friendly frames, and canvas floater frames in metal or wood.

Mats- Fully-archival mats in 4 ply or 8 ply museum board are available in just about any color. Neutrals are typically chosen for add-on frame packages.

Backing Boards- Fully-archival backing boards with a foam core.

Liners- Fully archival linen liners for framed canvases are available in white, beige, and black.

Glazing- Conservation Clear or Conservation Reflection Control Acrylic Glazing by Tru Vue provide added UV protection.

Hanging Hardware- Frames come ready to hang with a wire hanger and wall hook/s. A wire hanger is installed on the back approximately 2/3 of the way up from the bottom of the frame. The included picture hanger wall hook allows you to easily hang the artwork on most dry wall (two may be included for larger prints).


Customize Your Own Frame Package:

If the included frame or add-on frame packages offered do not fit your home décor style, Missy and her team can help you find the best frame and mat/liner to compliment both the artwork and your home. Missy has access to hundreds of frame moldings, mats, liners, and more so just about any frame color and style is possible. If interested, simply select Yes under the Custom Frame Interest box (this option is not currently available for Open Editions). After we receive your order, we will reach out to you to begin the selection process. Your customized frame package will be invoiced to you separately by email.


Unframed Canvas Art:

While paintings and prints on fine art paper must be framed under glass or acrylic, canvases can be hung on the wall with or without a frame. Missy uses 1.5″ deep stretcher bars to stretch her paintings and prints on canvas. Missy finishes the edges so the canvas will look perfect from every angle. The edges of paintings on canvas may be painted or they may be covered in genuine gold or platinum leaf. Missy’s canvas prints are gallery wrapped, the image is mirrored and wrapped around the 1.5″ deep stretcher bars.

For a professional look, a canvas-like matte tape is carefully applied to the back of the canvas, hiding the staples. A wire hanger is installed on the back approximately 2/3 of the way up from the bottom of the canvas. A picture hanger wall hook is included which allows you to easily hang your canvas on most dry wall (two may be included for large canvas prints). See photo below.


In order to manage delivery expectations, we have included the information in this tab to give you an idea of our processes and typical delivery timeframes.

Most items that Missy sells are custom made for the collector after the order is submitted. She offers only the highest quality art, prints, jewelry, and retail items and it takes time to create items of this caliber. Missy will never sell an item that she herself wouldn’t use, wear, or display in her own home. While the wait may feel long, we do believe that it’s well worth that wait.

The timeframes listed below represent only the typical shipping times for US shipments (international orders will take longer to arrive). Any manufacturing, printing, or shipping delays encountered will lengthen the wait times.

Open Editions, Home Décor Prints, & Art Cards: 3-4 weeks

These items are custom made specifically for each collector and typically take 3-4 weeks to arrive. You will receive a tracking number once your items ship. These items will arrive separately from any other items in your order.

Collectibles & Fine Jewelry:

These items are custom made specifically for each collector and typically take 3-4 weeks to arrive. You will receive a tracking number once your items ship. You must sign for the shipment. These items will arrive separately from any other items in your order.

Please note, we will reach out to you should we run into any delays when sourcing special natural stones. Should you prefer, we can offer an alternative such as a slightly smaller or larger stone, a different stone shape, etc.

Limited Edition Prints:

Limited Edition Prints are made specifically for each collector and typially take 4-6 weeks to arrive. Framing and Embellishing will increase the wait by another two weeks on average. Any printing or shipping delays we encounter will also increase the wait. You will receive a tracking number once your items ship. These items will arrive separately from any other items in your order.

after you submit your order. These are first shipped to Missy so that she can sign and number the print after inspecting it for color and quality. She and her team will then ship the print to you with its Certificate of Authenticity. 

It typically takes 4-6 weeks to receive your Limited Edition Print order, international orders will take longer. Framing and/or Embellishing will typically increase the wait by another two weeks. Any printing or shipping delays we encounter will also increase the wait.

PRE-ORDERS- A Pre-Ordered print will not ship until approximately 4-6 weeks after the edition’s official release date. For example, a Limited Edition with a March 1st release date will not start shipping until at least April 1st. If we are processing many pre-orders at once, this could delay shipment dates. We try to keep everyone informed during this process so be sure to check your email for announcements.

You will receive a tracking number once your Limited Edition Print ships. All Limited Edition Print shipments are insured and require your signature for delivery.

Shipping Original Art:*

It typically takes 2-4 weeks to receive your original art purchase, 3-5 weeks for international orders. You will receive a tracking number once the artwork ships. All Original Art shipments are insured and require your signature for delivery.

White glove delivery and installation services may be available depending on the artwork you are purchasing. This service will be carried out by a local art handling company in your area. If you choose to move forward with this service we will make the arrangements and send you a separate invoice.

*Please note, Missy includes special visual effects on some of her paintings such as shimmer, light/glow, or even color changing effects. However, she may wait and apply these effects after the artwork is sold which will delay shipping by a week or two. By waiting, Missy gives the collector the opportunity to make choices on which effects are used, what colors are used, and how subtle or dramatic the effect will be.