Often described as a one of the clearest psychic medium channels in the world today, Missy Reno Smith is like no other psychic medium you have ever witnessed before. With her crystal-clear panoramic views of Heaven and her finely tuned abilities, Missy brings forth incredibly detailed and accurate evidence for her ever-growing international clientele.

As a full-sensory psychic medium, Missy Reno Smith possesses all the “clairs” and channeling method abilities. Missy also combines her artistic talents with her abilities as a psychic medium to paint and sculpt spirits, Angels, and even landscapes of Heaven to show what awaits us all when we return to our eternal home. Missy finds great joy in serving God by sharing her gifts so that others may know that God’s Promise to us is real, that we do go on after death, and that God loves and accepts us unconditionally.

Missy Reno Smith
Missy Reno Smith

“Whether I am working with clients one-on-one or in groups, or sitting at my easel, I feel every opportunity to connect with Heaven is an honor and a blessing. ”

A Minnesota native, Missy Reno Smith currently lives near Phoenix, Arizona. She and her husband Chris have been married for over twenty-two years, they have three children and a German Shorthair Pointer.

Missy enjoys giving back to God in many ways. She donates both her time and talents to help various charities and enjoys helping cult survivors, and working with kids and teens that are struggling to understand their abilities. Missy also serves on the board of the Tourette Advocacy Foundation.

Missy Reno Smith offers Private & Group Readings, Regressions, Coaching and more by phone, video conference, and also in-person. Missy travels to offer in-person sessions and for Events in various locations around the country. Visit the Services Page to learn more about these options or Book Now if you are ready to set up a session with Missy.

Missy Reno Smith also offers fine art paintings, sculptures and limited edition prints available for sale on her website or you can commission a custom portrait or bronze sculpture of your own Guardian Angels, Guides, and more. Missy’s artwork is also available on greeting cards, apparel, and more in her Retail Art Shop. Visit the Fine Art section of Missy’s website to learn more about her art.

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