More than a Medium, More than an Artist

Missy Reno Smith paints and sculpts the Spirits, Angels, and even Landscapes of Heaven that she sees with her abilities as a full-sensory psychic medium. Missy was born with the ability to see Spirits, Angels, and Heaven with both her physical eyes and her mind’s eye. She first started sketching the images she saw in her early teens but it wasn’t until a bit later when her art took on a bigger role in her life.

Shortly after going pro as a psychic medium at 31 years old, Missy also began drawing more seriously. During sessions, Missy would create sketches or even watercolor paintings to show her clients what she was seeing. She eventually started taking on art commissions to paint Guardian Angels, Soul Portraits and even Past Life Portraits for her clients. In 2019, Missy felt a pull to begin focusing more on her art and this is when she began work on her first Archangels Series of paintings.

Art Mediums

In addition to painting, Missy also loves to sculpt. When creating her sculptures, Missy works with either traditional clay or with digital clay in software programs like Zbrush and Blender. The final bronze casting size of her traditional or digital clay sculptures can be anywhere from a small table top size to a giant monumental sized sculpture. These sculptures can even include water, light, or fire features.

Missy’s paintings may be created with traditional paints, digital painting programs such as Corel Painter, or a combination of the two.¬†She uses a variety of other materials in her artwork such as crushed or powdered gemstones, mica flakes or powders, and genuine 24k gold or platinum leaf.

Color Selection

Missy’s biggest challenge with color is actually the interpretation of the Heavenly colors she sees as a psychic medium into the limited color palette of this Earthly dimension. Her inability to mix some of Heaven’s brilliant colors has been a source of frustration though she has found certain colors, color combinations, and/or the addition of certain materials such as mica will create some level of satisfaction when she is trying to suggest some of these missing colors.

When commissioning artwork, you are welcome to be part of the color selection process. Missy encourages you to send her physical color samples such a photograph, paint chips, or fabric swatches rather than sending jpegs since your monitor may not show the color in the same way Missy’s does. You can also simply allow Missy to choose the colors for the artwork in the way that she normally does.

Missy typically paints with a split primary palette (plus titanium white, burnt umber and ivory black), she has found that this palette offers many advantages when mixing colors. She may add other paint colors depending on the project.

Messages and Symbols

Missy paints and sculpts in the same trance state she uses when reading for clients so she is always receiving when she creates art. Heaven guides her hands and she receives messages and even Angelic symbols to incorporate into her work. Some of these messages and symbols are hidden between the layers of paint or clay and some of them are exposed or partially exposed but always woven into the surrounding patterns or textures so that they are not too obvious. Sometimes Missy is lead to include a message or symbols on the verso side of the artwork as well.

Finished Painting

Missy states that the painting or sculpture itself tells her when it is finished and ready for her signature. Missy asks God for Angels to watch over the painting or sculpture and to bring blessings to all that view it. When you welcome an original work of art by Missy Reno Smith into your home or office, you are also welcoming the Angels that watch over the piece.

Finished sculptures and paintings are photographed for documentation purposes and paintings are scanned in high resolution as well so that Missy can create limited edition prints if that is the plan for the artwork.

Certificates of Authenticity

Each painting and sculpture comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate is printed on a special security paper with multiple anti-fraud features. It includes a detailed description of the artwork and the subject, the materials used to create it, the foundry information if the artwork is a sculpture, a photo of the piece, and any other important information. The certificate is hand-signed by Missy and it has a custom security hologram attached (another hologram with a matching serial number is affixed to the verso side of the painting or to the bottom of the sculpture).

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