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Missy Reno Smith is a professional artist. Many hours go into each painting and sculpture she creates and the fees for her art reflect this. We are including some info about Missy’s base fees here so that you are aware of the approximate investment before signing up for her Art Commission Wait List.

We know that collecting fine art is not something everyone can easily do. Missy offers several payment options for purchasing original art and limited edition prints here on the website and we can extend these same options to those commissioning art as well. Please note, we do not grant the approvals for this service. Payment plans are ultimately an agreement between the purchaser and the financing partner and therefore they approve or deny based on their own parameters.

Commission Consultation*

$ 200 .00

During this 45 minute video consultation, you and Missy will create a plan for the artwork. The art medium, subject, style, size, and other factors that determine the cost of the artwork will be explained. After the consultation, a quote will be drawn up based on your choices.

The consultation fee is non-refundable though it will be put towards the cost of the artwork when you sign the contract and pay the required 50% down payment within one year of your consultation.

Painting Fees*

Starting at

$ 1,800 .00

Painting fees are determined by the Size, Art Medium, Style, Complexity, and Shipping Costs. Custom Framing and Professional Installation are offered as addons for an additional fee.

The base fee of $1,800 is for a watercolor or digital watercolor painting with a simple background in the smallest size offered (25 linear inches). The base fee for the same size painting is $2,400 in acrylic or $2,800 in oil.

Sculpture Fees*

Starting at

$ 5,500 .00

Sculpture fees are determined by the Size, Weight, Medium, Style, Complexity, Shipping Fees, and any Professional Installation Fees if they are required. Custom Stands, Water, Light, and Fire Features are offered as addons for an additional fee.

The base fee of $5,500 is for a life size bronze bust (head & shoulders) or a small full body sculpture approximately 12 inches tall. Sculptures can be made in any size, from small table-top pieces all the way up to giant monumental pieces.

*All fees are subject to change. Your quoted fee is locked in only after you have signed the commission contract and paid the required 50% down payment.

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