Like any other artist, Missy Reno Smith sculpts and paints what she sees, but what makes Missy so different is her ability to see what is beyond this world. As both an artist and a full-sensory psychic medium, Missy Reno Smith’s paintings and sculptures give us a chance to look through her eyes and catch a glimpse of the Divine.

Artist Statement

I create art to show others the incredible world that exists beyond our own. The place we call Heaven is our true home and we will all return there one day. I was blessed with the ability to see and interact with this place and its inhabitants.

As a teenager, I began sketching the Angels and Spirits I saw. While I enjoyed this, it wasn’t until I hit my thirties that I felt a strong pull to create and sell my art professionally. Before that time, I focused more on reading for my clients as a psychic medium. While I do continue to read for clients today, I now spend more time in my art studio than I do in my office.

There are many subjects that I paint and sculpt. Angel, Spirit, Past Life and Soul Portraits and also Landscapes of Heaven are just a few. I also use art as a teaching tool to explain various concepts about God and Creation.

In order to give the viewer the most accurate representation of Heaven that I can possibly give, I typically strive for Realism. There are also times when I feel inspired to create a piece that is more abstract and painterly. How I paint or sculpt ultimately depends on what I want to say with each piece I create, how I feel when I am creating, and also who I am connecting with while I am creating.

When painting or sculpting, I embed messages and Angelic symbols into the artwork. Some of these messages are meant for mankind in general and some of these messages may be meant for specific people such as the collector that purchases the artwork (the original purchaser or even someone that will purchase the artwork many years from now).

My work as both a medium and an artist brings me great joy and it is my prayer that it brings joy and comfort to others in this world as well.

Missy Reno Smith

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