Before reaching out to ask a question, please read through Missy’s FAQ section to be sure we haven’t already answered your question.

About Missy

Is Missy a psychic, a medium, or both?

Missy is both. All mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums. Missy is a medium, therefore, she is also a psychic. As a medium, Missy communicates with spirits and Angels in Heaven in a real-time conversation to pass on their messages. As a psychic, Missy tunes into and receives information through what some describe as energetic vibrations, the Akashic Records, etc. Missy is a full-sensory psychic medium and that simply means she is able to channel and receive through all of the possible methods.

This is also a good place to point out what Missy is not. Missy is not a doctor, therapist, lawyer, financial advisor or any other type of certified professional. It is your job to consult the appropriate qualified professional for any and all questions or concerns you have about these types of matters or any issue where any other type of qualified professional would typically be consulted.

How long has Missy been a psychic medium?

Missy was born with her abilities. Her earliest memories include seeing spirits and Angels and she thought that everyone else saw them too. Missy has been passing on messages from Heaven all her life but she did not “go pro” until she was 30 years old.

Does Missy use Tarot Cards or other tools?

Missy does not use cards or divination tools of any kind. These types of tools were actually created to help those that do not have strong abilities receive guidance. As a full-sensory psychic medium, Missy herself is the tool so she doesn’t need other tools to receive. If she were to use any tool, it would be an unnecessary filter through which the information must pass through. Missy knows that many people are quite fond of tarot cards, angel cards, and other divination tools and that is okay. Missy simply has no use for them in either her personal or professional life.

I want to do what Missy does. Can she teach me?

If you are asking if Missy can help you better utilize your own intuition then the answer is yes. Missy doesn’t offer formal classes on this but she can help you one-on-one through coaching. If you are asking if Missy can turn you into a professional psychic medium then the answer is no. Again, Missy does not offer any formal classes.

Session Info

How will my session take place?

Most sessions take place by phone or video conference but Missy also offers in-person sessions during special events and when she travels for this purpose. The information you will need for your session, phone number, video link, or address, will be sent to you by email or text message.

There is absolutely no difference between these types of sessions. You will not have a better outcome one way or another because Missy receives in exactly the same way whether you are sitting in front of her or halfway around the world. Missy does have a preference for phone sessions but this is only because she can read for you makeup-free and in her pajamas.

I want to book a group reading. How many participants can I have?

Two participants may share a phone session. For video sessions, up to four participants may share a 60 minute session or up to six participants may share a 90 minute session. 

For in person group sessions, the limit depends on the space Missy is working out of but it is typically 4-6 participants. Please refer to the event details to find out exactly how many are allowed. However, if you would like to book a larger group reading then Missy could come to your location for an added travel fee.

Do I need to ask questions during my reading?

You may certainly ask questions but it is not required. If you do have some questions to ask, Missy recommends you take a few minutes to write them down before your session. This list is for your eyes only. It is very easy to forget your questions during a session, even if you only have a few. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to ask though. You don’t actually need to prepare questions, Missy can do your session without any prepared questions from you.

Please remember that Missy is not a doctor, therapist, lawyer, financial advisor, or any other type of certified professional. It is your job to consult the appropriate qualified professional for any and all questions or concerns that you have about these types of matters or any issue where any other type of qualified professional would typically be consulted.

Who will come through during my session?

It is up to Heaven to decide who comes through. Missy may bring through your guides, Angels, and/or any loved ones that are available to communicate with her that day. If you have had a recent passing, Missy asks that you give your loved one at least six weeks to acclimate in Heaven before doing a reading.

Will Missy record the session?

Yes, Missy records all sessions as a courtesy. You should receive a copy of this recording within a week after the session. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder if you don’t see it, they sometimes go there, but email us if it is not so we can resend it.

Please note, Missy Reno Smith is the sole copyright owner of all recordings of her sessions. You may not publish, share, or post all or any part of the recording without Missy’s written permission. In kind, Missy too will never publish, share or post any part of the recording or any information contained within it without your written permission.

Booking Info

How do I book a Phone or Video Session with Missy?

To book a Phone or Video Session with Missy, please sign up for the appropriate Wait List and we will contact you as soon as it’s your turn to book.

SUMMER 2022 UPDATE-Missy has worked the wait time down to about 1-2 months for spots during her normal work hours. This number is always fluctuating, your wait time will depend on how many people have signed up in front of you.

How do I book an In Person Session with Missy?

Missy only offers In Person Sessions during special events in various cities she visits. To book one of these sessions, please visit the In Person Wait List and select one or more of the locations Missy’s travels to. We will reach out to you when we have a trip scheduled for your location.

Be sure to sign up for Missy’s Mailing List at the bottom of the page to receive updates on her travel schedule.

How does the Wait List work?

Missy now has a Wait List type scheduling system. This means that you must sign up for the appropriate Wait List and then we will contact you when we are ready to book your session. If you reach out to book another way, we will direct you to the wait list.

While you do have to select a specific service and session length to sign up for the waitlist, when we reach out to you to book your session you are welcome to make changes

Please note, if you are an established client, please be sure to select that option on the sign up form. A portion of Missy’s availability is reserved for established clients only.

Finally, please add to your safe senders list in your email account so our emails will go to your inbox and not your spam/junk mail folder.

What hours does Missy work?

To allow more time for her family, painting/sculpting, and also writing, Missy now offers readings on a more limited basis. The days and times of when she will be available for sessions is now typically on Mondays and Tuesdays in the morning and early afternoon. Other day and time options are made available though the wait time for sessions outside her normal hours is longer. Groups are given priority for any weekend availability that Missy opens up since those sessions can be difficult to coordinate.

How do I pay for my session?

We will send you an invoice for payment. Your payment is due upon booking to hold your spot. Failure to pay the invoice by the due date we set will result in the cancellation of your appointment (we will attempt to reach out to you before we cancel the session).

There is only one thing I need to know about. Can Missy answer just one question for me?

Missy offers a 30 minute phone session option for those that have only a couple topics to cover. Please note, 60-90 minutes is needed for a thorough reading. If you are booking your first session with Missy, we recommend booking at least 60 minutes.

Will Missy give me a free reading?

We get this question a lot and that is why we are addressing it here. Missy certainly wishes she could help everyone but she is just one person. If you are unable to afford a session with Missy on your own we recommend sharing a session with a friend or even a small group of friends. Phone sessions may include up to 2 participants and video sessions may include up to 4 or 6 participants depending on the session length chosen. Missy also offers in person group sessions when she travels.

Fine Art

What type of artist is Missy?

Missy is both a painter and a sculptor. Her art depicts the beautiful Spirits, Angels, and landscapes of Heaven that she witnesses daily through her abilities as a psychic medium.

What is Missy’s artistic style?

Missy states that her style is always evolving though she typically strives for ultra-Realism in order to capture exactly what she sees with as much accurate detail as possible. Though, sometimes she may feel inspired to create a piece that is more painterly or even abstract. What and how Missy creates ultimately depends on how she feels and on who happens to be guiding her.

Much of Missy’s art has a modern feel, this is because she paints what she sees. Heaven does not look anything like the images so often used to represent it. Spirits and Angels are not floating around in the clouds draped in Grecian style clothing. Missy will occasionally paint a scene like this but only for commissioned art when it is requested by the collector.

What art mediums does Missy work in?

Missy uses a wide variety of materials in her artwork. For her paintings, Missy enjoys working with oils, acrylics, watercolors, and digital painting programs such as Corel Painter. For her sculptures, Missy works with traditional clay or with digital programs such as Zbrush. Her final sculpture pieces may be cast in bronze, pewter, silver, or porcelain.

Missy often likes to combine art mediums, many of her pieces are the blended result of both digital and traditional art mediums. She also includes other interesting materials in her work such as precious metal leaf, precious and semi-precious gemstones (rough, faceted, crushed or even powdered) and mica flakes or powders.

What brands does she use?

Old Holland, Williamsburg, and Daniel Smith are the paint brands Missy uses most often. She also enjoys mixing her own paints with pigments/minerals and paint mediums. She prefers Arches fine art paper for her watercolors.

For limited edition reproduction prints, Missy’s paintings are printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper or The Lyve Canvas by Breathing Colors with Canon’s Lucia pigment ink on a high-definition giclée printer also by Canon.

What does Missy paint and sculpt?

With her ability to see Heaven and its inhabitants so clearly, Missy focuses her artwork mostly on portraits of spirits, Angels, and the incredible landscape scenes she sees while exploring Heaven. Missy also paints scenes that illustrate certain spiritual concepts she teaches.

For commissioned works, Missy often paints or sculpts the collector’s Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. She can also create Past Life Portraits (what you or a loved one looked like in a past life), Soul Portraits (what you or a loved one looks like in Heaven), landscapes depicting your personal space/home in Heaven and more.

Does Missy take commissions?

Yes, you can commission a custom painting or sculpture. Interest in Missy’s artwork is growing and we encourage you to get on her Fine Art Commission Consultation Wait List as soon as you are ready to commission. We will then contact you when we are ready to book your consultation. Please keep in mind that we book these consults only when we have openings to fill on Missy’s commission project list and we reach out to people in the order they signed up for the wait list.

Please note, we monitor the length of the wait list and we may decide to stop taking new sign ups for a time period to allow Missy to catch up. Please be sure to sign up for Missy’s newsletter at the bottom of the page to get any announcements we make about the wait list.

How much does it cost to commission artwork?

The cost varies depending on the medium, substrate, size, complexity, and framing. As of Summer 2022, the current starting price for commissioned paintings is $1,800 (this is for the smallest sized watercolor painting Missy offers, the price increases from there depending on the factors mentioned above). Fees are subject to change. The fees for commissioned artworks are locked in only after the commission contract has been signed and the 50% down payment has been paid.

What are your payment terms for commissioned art?

A 50% down payment is required when you sign the commission contract and the remainder is due before Missy ships the finished work to you.

Can I use Missy’s Art in my _____?

Missy Reno Smith is the sole copyright owner of all her paintings and sculptures, that includes all commissioned artworks. Missy’s art cannot be used or reproduced in any way without her written permission.

Can I create Fan Art or other Derivative Works?

Missy Reno Smith is the sole copyright owner of all her paintings and sculptures, that includes all commissioned artworks. Missy’s art cannot be used or reproduced in any way without her written permission, this includes all types of derivative works.

Missy has worked very hard to bring the images of the spirits and Angels she paints and sculpts into this world by using both her talents as a psychic medium and an artist. She has been entrusted by these spirits and Angels not only to do this, but also to protect their images. Using their likeness for any reason without Missy Reno Smith’s written permission is copyright infringement.


How can I purchase an original painting or sculpture?

Some original artworks may be available for purchase in Missy’s Fine Art Shop. You can also look through Missy’s portfolio, any originals that are available will include either a link to the listing or a link to our contact form if the artwork is not yet listed.

Another way to purchase an original artwork is to commission it. You can sign up for Missy’s wait list here.

We encourage you to sign up for Missy’s mailing list at the bottom of the page if you want to be notified when any new art becomes available. Please note, we are currently looking into NFT’s and the various marketplaces these can be listed on. Missy hopes to offer a few paintings for purchase with an NFT very soon.

How can I purchase a Fine Art Print?

Any available limited-edition prints can be purchased here in Missy’s Fine Art Shop. These fine art prints are hand-signed and numbered by Missy and include a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

Missy also offers some mini-sized open edition prints in her Retail Art Shop. While these prints are digitally signed and do not include a COA, they are printed with the same museum quality paper and inks that her Limited Edition prints are made with. Missy also offers home decor grade (non-archival) prints on metal, art cards, phone cases, journals, and more in her Retail Art Shop.

Can you frame the artwork?

Yes, Missy can frame your painting or limited edition print or she can create a custom stand for your sculpture.

Missy is able to frame the artwork for much less than what your local frame shop or chain craft store charges. Missy gets her frames at wholesale and passes the savings onto you. She has access to both traditional frames and canvas floater frames. From simple gallery style frames to frames made from six inch wide ornate moldings, Missy can help you find the perfect frame to suit both the artwork and your home.

Limited Editions have several frame options as add-ons or you can use the comment box when purchasing an unframed print or original painting to let us know that you would like to discuss other custom framing options. Some original artworks come with a custom frame but that can typically be swapped out for another frame if you would prefer. In these cases, the frames will be invoiced separately.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Missy accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal for orders placed on this website. Her Retail Art Shop includes those and several other payment options.

How much does it cost to ship a painting or sculpture?

Shipping costs vary based on the size/weight of the art, the destination, the packing materials needed to safely transport the art, the shipping insurance fees, and installation fees if necessary.

If the artwork is available for purchase on the website, the shipping costs will be in the description or can be figured out by adding the art to your cart and then entering your shipping address. Otherwise shipping costs will be discussed if you reach out to us about the availability of any artworks listed on this website but not listed in Missy’s webstore. For commissioned art, the cost for shipping and shipping insurance will be in your quote.

For all original artworks, Missy can arrange for white glove shipping/installation service where a professional crew will deliver and hang/install the artwork. Let us know if you would like a quote for this service.

Once I purchase an original painting or sculpture, how long will it take to arrive?

Please see the description for these estimates. If the artwork is ready to go, it might arrive in just 7-14 days but see the description for more details. If you have opted to work with Missy and her team to create a custom frame or to have a custom base built for your sculpture then this will add more time before the artwork ships.

Once the artwork has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number so that you can see when your art will arrive. All fine art shipments require shipping insurance and you will need to sign for the shipment. There are no exceptions.

Once I purchase a Limited Edition Print, how long will it take to arrive?

All fine art prints are created on demand and the turnaround is usually about 6 weeks. Once we receive your order, we then put in an order for your print with Missy’s fine art printer. It can take several weeks before we get the print and then Missy must first inspect it to be sure there are no flaws and that the colors are correct before she signs, numbers and creates a Certificate of Authenticity.

If there are any delays in getting the print from the printer or if the print needs to be remade for a rare quality issue, this will mean your print will take longer to arrive. If you have chosen to have your print embellished and/or custom framed, this could also add 1-2 weeks to the total shipping time. If you need a print by a certain date, we suggest ordering it at least 6-8 weeks in advance.

Once the artwork has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number so that you can see when your art will arrive. All art shipments require shipping insurance and you will need to sign for the shipment.

Please note, Missy may offer a Pre-Order period for some newly release prints. Please pay close attention to the release date, this is the earliest date those prints start shipping and they are shipped in the order they were purchased.

How long will it take for greeting cards, collectibles, etc. to arrive?

Items like greeting cards, collectibles, home decor grade (non-archival) prints, and digitally signed Open Edition Prints are sold through Missy’s Retail Art Shop. This particular webstore is separate from Missy’s Fine Art Shop, it was set up to handle all of Missy’s drop shipped items (items sent directly to you by the printing company) and to handle all of Missy’s digital download items.

These drop shipped print items typically take 7-14 days to be processed and printed and then another 3-10 days in transit after the item/s are shipped (longer for international orders).

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Missy is happy to ship internationally. Please note, the shipment may be subject to VAT/customs fees. Please consult with your local customs office for more details.

What should I do if the artwork, print, or other item is damaged during shipping?

Receiving damaged art is a rare occurrence. All originals and prints are packaged well but in the event that you do notice any severe damage to the shipping package, refuse the delivery and contact us immediately at The shipping carrier will return the artwork to Missy so she can assess the damage and either repair or replace it.

If you were unable to refuse the shipment, you must contact us immediately at with photographs of the damage.

This is true for any other items you order through either of Missy’s webstores (her fine art and retail art shops), if an item is damaged or defective, please send a photo and your order details to

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