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Often described as one of the clearest psychic medium channels on Earth today, a Reading with Missy Reno Smith offers you a truly unique and memorable experience whether you meet with her by Phone Conference, Video Conference, or In Person. As a full-sensory, evidential Psychic Medium, Missy can read for you just as easily whether in person or long distance. It all works exactly the same for her no matter how near or far you are.

During your session, Missy connects with your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and any available loved ones in Heaven to deliver their messages of love and guidance. Missy will also connect with your Akashic Record to tune into your Life Purpose and your overall Soul Purpose and see what is coming up for you in the future. You are welcome to ask questions during the session. It is important to remember that Missy Reno Smith is not medical doctor, therapist, lawyer, or financial advisor. Missy is happy to tell you whatever she sees about any topic but it is your job to seek out a qualified professional such as, but not limited to, the professional types mentioned above.

Readings by Phone or Video must be at least 30 minutes in length and Readings In Person must be at least 60 minutes in length. Missy strongly recommends that new clients book 60-90 minutes for a thorough session. The 30 minute sessions Missy offers are meant more for returning clients that want a quick check in.


Missy reads for groups both large and small. Groups with up to 6 participants may book Video Conference sessions or In Person sessions that take place at Missy’s location. A one hour minimum is required though we recommend booking at least 90 minutes for groups of 4-6. For larger groups, Missy will need to go to your location, a two hour minimum is required and a travel fee will apply.


Please see Service Fees for Missy’s Private and Group Reading rates.