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Missy Reno Smith has been guiding clients through Past Life Regressions and other Guided Meditations for over a decade. These sessions are typically 60-90 minutes in length when booked alone or 90-120 minutes in length when booked as a combination session (such as a Reading and Regression or Coaching and Intuition Development).

Unlike a typical Past Life Regression or Guided Meditation experience, Missy actually explores right alongside you. As your Angels are guiding her, she is guiding you. This way, Missy can help you if you get stuck.

These sessions are booked as Phone Conference sessions. Since you will have your eyes closed, there is no need to have you camera on. Please see Missy’s Service Fees for fee information.

During your regression, you will also have the opportunity to release trauma you may have experienced. Spiritual Trauma Release is a special healing modality that Missy Reno Smith and her Angels created in 2012. She is the only person in the world using this unique method and she has helped many people all over the world release all types of spiritual trauma from their current and past lives.

Guided Meditations

Past Life Regression

Explore when and where you have lived before this current life. Missy will help you navigate past lives in order to discover and reclaim your past experiences, talents, and wisdom. She will also help you release any past life traumas that are be creating difficulties in your current life through cell memory.

Spiritual Trauma Release

Missy can help you release the spiritual wounds that remain when we experience trauma. Missy uses her own unique healing modality she created with her Angels in 2012 to help her clients that were feeling stuck. This service does not replace the need for traditional therapy, Missy can only help clients address the spiritual aspect of trauma.

Meet Your Guides/Angels

Missy will facilitate a meeting with your Guardian Angels and/or Spirit Guides to help you build your connection with them. This is helpful for those working to grow their intuitive abilities.

Intuition Development

Missy can help you connect with your intuitive abilities and learn to better utilize them. This is often booked with Coaching for Intuition Development. Please note, this is for those wishing to enhance their life, Missy does not train individuals looking to work as professional psychics or psychic mediums.

Inspirational Journeys

Don’t wait for inspiration to hit you, reach out and grab hold of it during this meditative journey. These sessions are great for those that work or dabble in any of the creative arts fields, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, or anyone simply looking for inspiration. Missy will also show you how to do this on your own so that you can create when you need to and stop waiting around for that next great idea to finally strike.

Performance Enhancement

Missy will show you how to use the Alpha brainwave pattern to more easily slide into that “auto-mode” where your natural talents and training kick into high gear. This meditative training is helpful for Actors, Musicians, Dancers, Artists, Writers, Comedians, Athletes, Public Speakers, and any other type of performance work.

Exploring Heaven

Missy can take you on a special journey anywhere in Heaven. Perhaps you want to spend time with your Creator, visit the Akashic Records, The Hall of Music (or Art, Science, etc.), meet with your Spirit Council to discuss your life plan and purpose, or even visit the space you call Home in Heaven. These are just a few things you can do.

Other Topics

Missy can work with you through Guided Meditation in order to accomplish just about any other goal. Typically, for these tailored meditations, a client will first do a reading with Missy to connect and then a guided meditation is booked as a follow up session.