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Erica as Miko - 2021

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About Missy’s Past life Portraits

Missy Reno Smith can paint what she sees when guiding her clients through past life explorations. Sign up for Missy’s Art Commission Wait List if you would like her to paint a Past Life Portrait of you.

While these portraits are typically commissioned, some portraits that fall under this category can be purchased in the Art Shop. Sign up for Missy’s Mailing List or Register for early access to new releases, pre-order offers, and more.

Swipe through this Past Life Portrait Gallery or use the navigation links in the header above to check out the full details for each portrait. Missy’s art is Copyright protected, please see the Copyright Statement at the bottom of this page.



YEAR: 2021



SIZE: 12″ x 24″



This commissioned watercolor portrait, completed in March of 2021, depicts collector Erica, as she looked in one of her past lives. Both digital and traditional paint mediums were used to create this painting.

“This was a very short life in Japan for the collector several hundred years ago. Some might say it was tragic since she lived to only 22 years old but she had lived without fear and filled those 22 years with many experiences. She got exactly what she needed from that life and then she moved on.”

Missy Reno Smith



YEAR: 2021



SIZE: 15″ x 20″ x 1.5″



This Mixed-Media portrait on canvas, completed in April of 2021, depicts collector Angela as she appeared in a past life hundreds of years ago. Both digital and traditional paint mediums were used to create this painting.

“This portrait represents something that was quite common at the time but is taboo and downright illegal today. As Anne, an English girl, collector Angela was betrothed/promised to a grown man when she was just nine years old. The marriage didn’t take place until she was a bit older but not much. She was still only 14 or 15 years old on her wedding night.

I didn’t want to create a typical wedding portrait since this wasn’t a typical wedding, at least not by today’s standards. I watched the day play out over and over in my mind until I finally found one moment that told this story better than any other could.

After the ceremony and celebrations, her new lady’s maid was to dress her in her nightgown before the wedding party “put the couple to bed”. She was sad and scared. When the maid reached for her cape, Anne/Angela grabbed hold of it and held on tightly for a few moments. It was a brief but powerful silent protest. Once last time to tell someone, anyone, that she wasn’t okay with what was happening to her.”

Missy Reno Smith

Missy Reno Smith retains the sole copyright of her artworks. Any unauthorized reproduction or other uses without Missy’s written permission is in violation of both U.S. and International Copyright Law.

This applies to derivative works as well. Missy Reno Smith is the sole copyright owner of the likenesses of all subjects in her artworks. Anyone creating derivative works of any kind without her written permission, even when elements have been changed and/or when the work isn’t being used for monetary gain, is in violation of Copyright Law.

Missy pursues all instances of copyright infringement. Please Contact Us with any questions about Missy’s copyrighted artworks and/or permission requests.

Missy Reno Smith, the artist, reserves the right to use her copyrighted artwork on items such as, but not limited to, limited or open edition reproduction prints in multiple sizes and substrates, home décor grade prints (non-archival), collectibles, traditional & digital stationery items, and more.

All photos on this website are posted in low resolution and watermarked for protection, these watermarks do not appear on the actual artwork or reproduction prints.