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Gabriel the Wise

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About Missy’s Art

Missy Reno Smith paints and sculpts a world that very few people get to see with such clarity. She does this with an incredibly high level of realism. Viewing Missy’s art is like looking through her eyes. To learn more about Missy’s process, please check out her Fine Art Page.

We are still working to scan and add more of Missy’s past artworks to the website and new artworks are added frequently. Sign up for
Missy’s Mailing List or Register to receive new release and special offer notifications. To purchase Missy’s Fine Art Originals, Prints, and more, please visit her Shop or sign up for the Art Commission Wait List.

Swipe through this slide show or scroll down to view the full Main Gallery. The Portfolio Navigation Menu above will take you to Missy’s subject specific galleries with details about each artwork. Missy’s art is Copyright protected, please see the Copyright Statement at the bottom of this page.

Missy Reno Smith retains the sole copyright of her artworks. Any unauthorized reproduction or other use is in violation of both U.S. and International Copyright Law. This applies to derivative works as well. Missy Reno Smith is the sole owner of the likenesses of all subjects in her artworks. Anyone creating derivative works of any kind without her written permission, even when elements have been changed and/or when the work isn’t being used for monetary gain, is in violation of Copyright Law. Missy pursues all instances of copyright infringement. All photos on this website are posted in low resolution and watermarked with Missy’s logo and a grid for protection, these watermarks do not appear on the actual artwork or reproduction prints.

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