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The Archangels, or “Chief Angels”, are leaders among the various Angelic Phylums. Each Archangel helps God, other Angels, or God’s Children in some special way. On Earth we are familiar with only a small number of Archangels. While Missy paints these familiar Archangels, she also introduces us to other Archangels through her art and writing. Missy hopes that these “new” Archangels will inspire and help you grow just as much as the ones you already know and love.

Swipe through this Archangel Gallery or scroll down to view the full thumbnail gallery. Use the navigation menu to find out more information about each Archangel and their portraits.

New artworks are added regularly. Sign up for Missy’s Mailing List to get updates and early access to new releases, pre-order offers, and more. Visit Missy’s Art Shop to purchase originals, prints, and more. Missy also offers Archangel jewelry through her new Jewelry Collection.

Missy Reno Smith’s art is Copyright protected, please see Copyright Statement.

Missy Reno Smith retains the sole copyright of her artworks. Any unauthorized reproduction or other uses without Missy’s written permission is in violation of both U.S. and International Copyright Law.

This applies to derivative works as well. Missy Reno Smith is the sole copyright owner of the likenesses of all subjects in her artworks. Anyone creating derivative works of any kind without her written permission, even when elements have been changed and/or when the work isn’t being used for monetary gain, is in violation of Copyright Law.

Missy pursues all instances of copyright infringement. Please Contact Us with any questions about Missy’s copyrighted artworks and/or permission requests.

Missy Reno Smith, the artist, reserves the right to use her copyrighted artwork on items such as, but not limited to, limited or open edition reproduction prints in multiple sizes and substrates, home décor grade prints (non-archival), collectibles, traditional & digital stationery items, and more.

All photos on this website are posted in low resolution and watermarked for protection, these watermarks do not appear on the actual artwork or reproduction prints.