Giclée prints can be found in the world’s finest museums, art galleries and private art collections. These fine art reproduction prints are nothing like a photo or poster print one could have created at any neighborhood print shop.

Giclée Printing Process

After Missy finishes a painting, she has it scanned with a high-resolution scanner. This is done for archival reasons and to allow Missy to create limited-edition giclée prints if that is the plan for the artwork (paintings that were commissioned are not typically offered as prints). Missy then sends these high-resolution scan files to her fine art printer. The giclée printing process must carefully reproduce both the rich colors and the beautiful textures of each brush stroke from the original painting.

The giclée prints are then printed by a large format, high resolution printer onto museum quality canvas or fine art paper using Canon’s Lucia Pigment Inks. These pigments are fully archival, they are rated to last well over one hundred years without fading as long as the print is cared for properly.

Edition Types Offered

Missy offers both limited edition giclée prints and open edition giclée prints. The open editions are typically offered in one size, a mini print around six by eight inches, on fine art paper and digitally signed. Because they are open editions, an unlimited number of prints may be created in that particular size and substrate.

For hand-signed and numbered limited editions, only a certain number of prints will be made available in each of the size and/or substrate options. The number of prints Missy creates in each edition can vary but this number is always clearly stated in the edition details. When a limited edition is sold out, the only way to purchase that print is through the secondary art market.

Missy also offers embellished limited editions. These prints receive highlights and other strategic strokes of traditional paints, the very same paints Missy used to create the original painting. They also get a coat of clear acrylic gel medium to create three-dimensional brush strokes on the print. Some embellished prints are created with a variety of other materials such as powdered minerals and gemstones, mica flakes or powder, and/or gold or platinum leaf. The embellishment process turns each print into a unique work of art and increases its value.

Edition Plans

Missy creates an Edition Plan sheet for each artwork that clearly states every edition type offered for that artwork, both limited and unlimited editions if one is offered, and the number of prints in each of the limited editions. In keeping with her promise for total transparency in her editions, Missy publishes each Edition Plan right here on her website. These pdf files can be found on the product pages.

Signing & Numbering

While many artists sign and number their fine art paper prints underneath the image in the white margin, Missy has chosen to sign and number her prints directly on the printed image itself. On the verso side of each print, Missy also includes the print’s number and another signature in pencil.

By signing her paper prints this way, Missy eliminates the need to either cover the signature and number or expose them along with a strip of the white margin when framing the print. Missy’s method of signing and numbering also helps to differentiate her prints, which are giclée reproductions, from hand-pulled prints which are always numbered and signed in the bottom margin.

Missy may choose to distribute her numbered editions from lowest to highest, highest to lowest, or randomly. In traditional printmaking with hand-pulled prints, the first prints made were typically better than the last prints made due to wear on the printing plates. However, with giclée reproduction prints, every single print is the same in quality because a digital file doesn’t wear out over time. This is why Missy often chooses to distribute her numbers randomly

Certificate of Authenticity

Missy includes a certificate of authenticity with each limited edition giclée print she sells. Just like the certificates for original artworks, these certificates include a description of the artwork and the edition, they are hand-signed and they are printed on special security paper with multiple anti-fraud features. Limited edition prints also include a pair of security holograms with matching serial numbers, one is applied to the certificate and one is applied to the verso side of the print.

Ordering and Shipping

We appreciate your patience when waiting for your limited edition print order*. Your giclée print is created specifically for you after we receive your order. It typically takes five weeks to receive your tracking number.

Missy sometimes offers a Pre-Order option for newly released limited editions. After the Pre-Order period is over, the price of the print is increased and will never again be lowered so this allows collectors to get editions at the lowest price possible. Be sure to check the edition’s publishing date which will be stated on the product page, this is the date Pre-Ordered print orders begin shipping. These orders are shipped out in the order they were received so yours may not ship until after that specific date.

All limited edition shipments are insured and require the collector’s signature for delivery. This is done to protect the edition. While a damaged print can be completely destroyed and then remade, a lost print is lost forever. Missy cannot simply make a new print and use the lost print’s edition number, this would compromise the integrity of the edition.

Most unframed prints on fine art paper are shipped rolled in a shipping tube. Framed paper prints and all canvas prints are shipped in a box. However, for international collectors, if you would prefer to have your canvas print sent unstretched and rolled in a shipping tube just let us know in the comment box when ordering. This should save money on shipping costs and we will refund you the difference.

It’s important not to keep your print in the packaging materials for too long, they are not meant for long term storage. Please see the section below on Caring for your Giclée Print for more on that topic.

Please follow this link, Return Policy, for information on returns/damaged prints.

* Other items in your order, such as greeting cards or digitally signed open edition prints, will be processed and shipped out separately after we receive your order. We will not hold onto these other items in your order to ship them out with your limited edition print.


Missy offers several framing options for both paper and canvas prints. She gets her museum quality frames, mats/liners, and acrylic glazing at wholesale cost and passes the savings onto you. For the same frame at your local frame shop or even the framing counter at a craft store chain you will typically pay 50-75% more than what Missy charges.

Missy uses only fully archival framing materials in the frame packages she offers in order to protect the artwork from damage. If you have the art framed yourself, it can be tempting to cut corners and save a little money but doing so is a great mistake. Missy’s original paintings and prints are created with only 100% museum quality archival materials so they will stand the test of time but if they are framed with non-archival materials, this will not matter.

For fine art paper prints, Missy uses Conservation Clear or Conservation Reflection Control acrylic glazing by TruVue. These acrylic choices block up to 99% UV rays and the Conservation Reflection Control option reduces glare as well.

In addition to the frame options available as add-ons, Missy has access to hundreds of other frame molding options and many other archival mat color options. If you would like to order a different frame than what is offered, simply use the comment box during checkout to let us know. Missy or a member of her team will reach out to begin the framing process. The frame package, once chosen, will be charged on a separate invoice.

Caring for Your Giclée Print


Giclée prints on canvas are fragile and should be handled with care. These prints are stretched around 1.5″ deep stretcher bars and they receive a top coat to help seal and protect the print. However, the surface can still be marked and so it is best to leave the handling and framing of the artwork to a trusted professional framer or art handler. If you must handle unframed canvas prints yourself, please wear clean cotton gloves and take care not to touch the printed area or put pressure on the stretched area of the canvas.

Missy’s canvas prints are gallery wrapped, meaning the edges are clean and professional and the canvas print can be hung on the wall without a frame. If you prefer a framed canvas, Missy offers several frame options, both traditional frames and canvas floater frames, as add-ons when purchasing canvas prints. These frames will cost you less than you would pay at your local custom framer.

Both framed and unframed stretched canvas prints will be shipped in a box. However, for international orders, if you would prefer we ship your canvas print unstretched and rolled in a rigid shipping tube just let us know in the comment section of your order. This can reduce shipping costs and we will refund you any difference if this is the case. If you order this way, you will need to have your canvas print stretched by a professional framer near you.

Whether in a box or a shipping tube, the packaging materials are not meant for long term storage. The safest place for a canvas print is hung up securely on the wall away from sources of heat, humidity, and sunlight. If a print must be stored, please store it in a dark, clean, and dry environment such as an acid-free art storage box.

To clean the giclée canvas, a soft brush can be used to gently remove dust from the surface. Holding a vacuum attachment above the brush will make this process easier but be sure not to scrape the canvas surface. Cleaning solvents of any kind should never be used to clean the print. If your canvas print needs more than just dusting, Missy recommends that you bring it to your local framing professional or art handler for evaluation. We can help you locate a professional in your area or the nearest major city if needed.


Giclée prints on fine art paper are extremely fragile and should avoid being handled. Please leave the unpacking and handling of the artwork to a trusted professional framer or art handler. If you must handle unframed prints yourself, please wear clean cotton gloves and take care to handle only on the white margin that surrounds the printed area.

Unframed giclée paper prints will be shipped either flat or rolled in a rigid tube for protection. The packaging materials are not meant for long term storage. The safest place for a fine art paper print is framed and hung up securely on a wall away from sources of heat, humidity, and sunlight. If the print must be stored before framing, store the unframed print flat in a dark, clean, and dry environment.

Paper prints must be framed under glass or acrylic to protect the print from dust, scratches, and other types of damage. Missy offers several framing packages that use only conservation grade materials including acid-free matting and Tru Vue’s UV blocking Conservation Clear or Conservation Reflection Control acrylic. If you are having your print framed locally, your framer should also use only conservation grade materials to ensure the longevity and protection of the artwork.

Since your fine art paper print will be framed under glass or acrylic, it should not require cleaning. However, if something were to happen to your print, Missy recommends that you bring it to a professional framer or art handler for evaluation. We can help you locate a professional in your area or the nearest major city if needed.

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