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Soul Purpose is Missy’s specialty. Not only can Missy help you discover your Life Purpose and help you find your path to achieve the goals you laid out before you came into this world, she can also help you discover your overall Soul Purpose and help you set and reach goals that will further that purpose as well.

Intuition Development Coaching is also available for those wishing to improve their own natural intuitive abilities and connection to their Spirit Guides and Angels. These sessions are for enhancing your personal life, Missy does not train others to become professional mediums.

Coaching experiences may be just 3-6 sessions or you may wish to work with Missy for longer depending on your goals. See Session Fees for Missy’s general fees. Missy offers several discounted package deals for Coaching Clients, the current coaching package deals will be sent to you when booking your first Coaching Session.

Please note, while you must sign up for the wait list initially, after your first coaching session, you will not need to wait for your next sessions. Coaching clients are offered openings at regular intervals in order to keep you moving forward at whatever pace you and Missy have decided is right for your needs. You will be given special instructions for booking your next sessions and for contacting Missy directly when needed.

Ultimately, there is no typical coaching experience, each client is on a unique path so the process must always be tailored to each client’s unique needs. Missy has been coaching clients for close to a decade using her own unique methods that she developed with the help of her Angels. If you have any questions, you can sign up for the wait list and include those questions in the message box. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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